What I've Been Up to Lately

February 4, 2009 in Craft and Art, Textile Addiction by Analogue Chic


I’m working on some bigger, long-term projects (which you will hear about, all in good time…), but wanted to give a quick look at some of the smaller projects I’ve accomplished lately.

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  • boxers for my man – Simplicity 9958; I shortened the legs just a tad, they were old-school long. Fabulous, easy-peezy pattern.  This feller looks remarkably like the wearer: p1000284.jpg
  • owl potholder – knitting pattern from Workbasket Magazine, July 1995, which noted the pattern had also been printed on Aunt Lydia’s Rug Yarn (is that still even produced?) years before.  This was inspired by this beautiful sweater— I can’t afford that much yarn, so a potholder from leftover yarn will have to do me.
  • Fascinator – jerry-rigged from purchased feathers, ribbon and doodads from my stash, held together with dental floss (yes, really) on a plastic haircomb.
  • Chicken of the Sea Purse – first mentioned here.  Made from a pattern from Creative Quilting Magazine, with some adaptations. 
  • Madame X embroidery – I’ve been itching to do some embroidery ever since I found a very colorful, straightforward book at my grocery store, of all places (see sidebar, What I’m Reading). This was my own pattern, adapted from a stencil my sister helped me make years ago; just brown embroidery floss on a scrap of hot pink crap satin, outlined with stem stitch, filled in with satin stitch.  Sargent is one of my favorite painters, and this painting is just so badass. Sargent’s work is very much tied up with Edith Wharton in my mind, and I’ve been thinking about all these folks a lot, as far as ambience and fashion and textiles.  See:

Edith Wharton - Age of Innocence
Edith Wharton – Age of Innocence – by AllieAnalogue on Polyvore.com Edith Wharton at Home
Edith Wharton at Home – by AllieAnalogue on Polyvore.com