Serious Thoughts About Craft & Sustainability

January 16, 2009 in Fashion Anthropology by Analogue Chic


I’ve recently found a couple of very good blog posts relating craft to environmental and social sustainability.  I think anyone who thinks about it long enough would agree that "green" living, or whatever you want to call it, is both about the natural, non-human environment, as well as the global social environment.  From the first day of craft (which was probably the first day of human existence), it has been inextricably involved with using and re-using resources efficiently to improve one’s standard of living, whether through basic needs, like warmth and protection from the elements, or aesthetic needs (and I’m not assigning a higher or lower value to either). 

I have many more thoughts on this, but not the time at the moment to elucidate them.  I don’t think I have anything to add to what the following posts are saying, so I’ll just recommend that you follow the links.

Craft in the New Economy

The mass-produced clothing and craft supply chain, etc. – this article is really fermenting in my brain right now and pushing me in a more resolute direction…

And that article reminded me of a reader’s letter I saw in Vogue, September 2008, commenting on this article about fashionistas slumming in Mali.  Mind you, I have no problem with slumming in Mali– I’ve been dying to go to the Festival in the Desert for at least 5 years (I can afford it now even less than I could have 5 years ago).  What bothers me is the wide-eyed, "oh isn’t that wonderfully ethnic!" fashion commentary devoid of the context of reality as referenced in the article above…