Show and Tell: other recent projects

December 8, 2008 in Craft and Art, Fashion by Analogue Chic

Here are some of my other recent projects as posted on Craftster:


Nauti' Girl Top - reconstructed men's shirts

*well, for some reason, wordpress is not letting me put a link in the photo captions…*

Nauti’ Girl Top

Tote bag - men's shirt recon

Tote bag (no clever nickname- suggestions welcome)- men's shirt recon

Tote bag

If you dabble in crafts of ANY kind, at any skill level, I highly recommend registering with Craftster and getting up the courage to post in the forums.  There are great tutorials that people have patiently put together, you WILL be inspired by other folks’ work, and your projects that you’ve worked so hard on, alone in your dark garret craft room, will get the mad props and love that you deserve.  I <3 Craftster 8<.