December 24, 2008 in Craft and Art, Design, Fashion by Analogue Chic

I am always drawn to crisp, bold lines with sharp contrast:


Lines by AllieAnalogue

Outlined by AllieAnalogue


A recent visit to the Beardsley Zoo offered up these plants as textile inspiration: was Capt. Peacock in the greenhouse, with the nippers...

reminiscent of corset boning

reminiscent of corset boning


quilting? fabric sculpture? possibilities...

quilting? fabric sculpture? possibilities...

Another love I recently came across: one more Alexander McQeen Fall ’08 favorite.

(Actually, just look at that whole show, lots of GORGEOUS b&w goodness.)

And look at the girl in the middle on the blog header, up there.

I didn’t mean for this post to be so ‘Goth’ on the fashion side– unfortunately, the fashion cycle always favors black for fall/winter, and recent trends use a lot of white-piping-on-black– actually, I could probably produce a whole blog dedicated to b&w trends (the black-floral-on-white a couple years ago, the more recent b&w ‘antique’ scrolling…)– ANYhoo…  

I don’t see too much piping  in other color combinations, sadly.  I think it was more popular in earlier eras, I’m thinking the ’40s– maybe it was phased out of ready-to-wear as production continued to be pushed into lower-quality, faster-turnout… quel dommage.