December 10, 2008 in Fashion by Analogue Chic

I also heart checks, stripes, polka dots, and classic, graphic patterns.

Mmmm, plaid   And I LOVE my local Salvation Army Store– they have HUGE discounts on all clothes on Wednesdays, thereby enabling my fabric-stash-addiction and closet overcrowding problem, without hurting my wallet!  Mwah! The button-downs above are for conversion into tote bags/gift wrap for my homegirls, a la this project— whoops! just gave away 50% of my holiday gifts! Here are some more new members of my textile collection: Mr. and Mrs. Wool-Checkshirt Now, on the left there, that is a Man Shirt: it is big, wooly and warm, literally a working man’s shirt– that shirt does not mess around.  And there’s a cute, vintage, lamb’s wool and angora Lady Sweater with semi-batwing sleeves.  And a very cute, kid’s belt from LL Bean.  Lots of possibilities with these: not sure if I want to reconstruct the Man Shirt, it would make an awesome cape, or a felted bag, perhaps; I may wear the Lady Sweater as is, also possibly a felted something- beret?; belt is obviously too small, and it would be a pain to reclaim the hardware, it may become a handbag handle. And for dessert– too sweet!–   How cute am I? Again, a real toss-up between wearing it or felting it– what do you think?  Comments, suggestions? I’ve never actually felted anything (intentionally) before, I need to do more research on how to do it, and I’m not sure what I would make from the felt with any of these, but I would like to try it.  I’m just scared of committing a great garment to felting, and then wishing I hadn’t so I could do something else!  Oh, well, I’m sure it will come to me in the middle of one of the sleepless nights I seem to be having lots of …