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Fashion should be fun and fortifying, not mean or oppressive!

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My services

My styling services are available to men as well as women, from high school students to senior citizens.

People who might benefit from my services the most are

  • new mothers
  • people returning to the workplace after a long absence
  • people changing or advancing their career
  • anyone who needs a boost of confidence

I work with my clients to discover their individual style, and convey their personality through fashion, all within their own budget.

I am the only wardrobe consultant in the area with a background in social services and the arts. I am 110% committed to supporting my clients’ positive body image with a holistic perspective.

For those of you concerned about the environment, or with a tight budget, I specialize in vintage, eco-friendly, and thrift style.

  • Initial consultations are always free.
  • Gift certificates are available.
  • Services available only in Litchfield and Fairfield Counties at this time

Choose your adventure:

Closet Editing

Special Event Styling

Looking for a service you don’t see here?

Let’s chat, and I can develop a custom package just for you. My contact info is below.

A happy customer

“I am not kidding when I say this changed my life.  I was like Oprah with an ‘A ha moment’ here and an ‘A ha moment’ there!  Don’t get me wrong-I used to know more about fashion.  I used to care about fashion.  Ya know, before I traded in my business casual attire for yoga pants and spit up stained t-shirts.  From time to time as my kids have gotten older, I have tried to focus on my look again, but I always fall into the same old rut.  The real problem, I think, is that I don’t know what to do with all of those cute belts, scarves, shirts, skirts, and dresses hanging in my closet.  Until now!  [...] I have a renewed interest in my wardrobe now.  I’m actually taking the time to put outfits together instead of just grabbing my old standbys.  I look better.  And I feel better!”

Read Leslie’s review here.

My style philosophy

My fashion philosophy is deeply rooted in my commitment to human rights and the environment, especially relative to women, body image and self-esteem. And I haven’t forgotton how much fun I had draping myself and my playmates in scarves, fabric remnants and my mom’s dresses during make-believe.

There is power in what we wear, and we should use it for good, not evil.

So much of fashion marketing, social pressures, and self-deprecation makes getting dressed or going shopping a form of punishment for folks.

You don’t deserve it! Are you going to let a bunch of inanimate clothes make you feel like crap? Hell no!

Fashion doesn’t have to be mean or oppressive. It can be fun and fortifying– like your favorite breakfast cereal. ;)

Mother’s Day * Birthdays * Graduation

Gift certificates available!

Allie @, or 203 . 794 . 4195.

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  1. "There is power in what we wear" .. SO true. Fashion nowadays is marketed as "you're worthless unless you buy this to look good". We need more people spreading your message!

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